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Drug offense charges, such as possession, trafficking, and intent to sell, are serious, and the harder the drugs or greater the amounts involved, the higher the stakes become.

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act 720 (ILCS 550/4) separates drugs into different categories or schedules depending on how addictive or socially harmful they are, with Schedule I drugs like cocaine and heroin being the most dangerous. Even having one gram of cocaine in your possession can land you a minimum of four years in prison, if convicted.

Illinois police and state prosecutors are practiced at drug enforcement, and if you are charged with a drug-related offense they will use the full weight of the justice system to convict you. You need a lawyer who is just as diligent to protect your future and your freedom.

Before you speak to law enforcement or consent to answering their questions, call the Law Office of Gregory Walker at (312) 604-2250 for a free consultation.


Getting to the Bottom of Your Arrest

The laws and cultural attitudes about drugs - which ones are socially destructive and which ones aren’t, and how severe the punishments should be for possession - are constantly changing.

In the state of Illinois, drug offenses are prosecuted at both the state and federal level. The Law Office of Gregory Walker can navigate the complexities of both systems. Attorney Walker takes the time to understand the nuances of each case, and then plans his defense strategy accordingly.

When you are charged with a drug offense, time is of the essence. Your future and your freedom are at stake. That’s why the Law Office of Gregory Walker proactively communicates with clients and responds to both text messages and phone calls promptly so you are never left in the dark.

Retain a Dedicated Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Even seemingly minor charges can have a big impact on your future and your freedom. They require a lawyer with a strategic legal mind who is experienced in drug offense cases and knows how to effectively ensure your side of the story is told. 

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