Gun Offenses

Gun Crime Lawyer in Schaumburg, IL

Police and politicians are vigilant when it comes to gun-related crime in and around the Chicago area. If you’ve been charged for misuse of a firearm or unlawfully carrying a weapon, they may aggressively pursue you to get a conviction. The Law Office of Gregory Walker wants to help make sure that doesn’t happen. The firm’s founder, Attorney Gregory Walker, is a former prosecutor who is knowledgeable about Illinois gun laws. He is an analytical thinker who will find and leverage any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to protect your second amendment rights.

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Gun Offenses and Weapons Crimes in the Chicagoland Area 

Chicago has historically had a strong gang culture and has some of the highest rates of murder and gun violence in the United States. For this reason, the State of Illinois has strict laws regarding who can possess and carry a firearm, and under what circumstances.

If you’re a resident of Illinois, you’re required to have a firearm owners identification card (FOID) to legally possess a firearm, and a conceal carry permit to carry it in public. If you have a gun in your vehicle or are carrying a firearm without a conceal carry permit, may be charged with unlawful use of weapon (UUW).

Analytical and Strategic Representation for Your Case

Because gun violence has been a problem in Chicago and the surrounding area, Illinois law enforcement is incentivized to cut corners in firearms investigations to fill quotas and meet department demands. This can cause mistakes that can violate a defendant’s second amendment rights.

Before founding the firm, Gregory Walker worked as a state prosecutor for both Cook County and the Illinois Attorney General’s office. That means he has a thorough understanding of how police conduct gun offense investigations, and he knows common errors that may occur. He is methodical and strategic, will find whatever resources and information the prosecution has on your case, and identify any police misconduct that can weaken the evidence against you.

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