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Robbery charges are serious offenses that show up in background checks when an employer conducts an investigation into your criminal history. A robbery conviction on your record severely damages your ability to find jobs, obtaining housing, pursue higher education, and obtain other opportunities. Your reputation may also be tarnished, as you will be branded as dishonest, untrustworthy, prone to violent or unscrupulous behavior.

The truth is, good people get caught up in bad situations every day. It’s how you fight for your rights and your future that makes a difference.  

If you're facing a robbery charge in Schaumburg, call the Law Office of Gregory Walker at (312) 604-2250. The firm’s attorney is ready to defend your side of the story.

A Robbery Defense Lawyer That Listens, Plans, and Seeks Results

Attorney Walker approaches each robbery case by sitting down with you to discuss the situation and explore every possible angle to get the charges acquitted or reduced. He knows that your life and future depend on his advocacy. That’s why he will explore all opportunities to be successful in your matter. The Law Office of Gregory Walker uses a strategic approach for each client’s individual situation in the face of potentially serious accusations.

Under Illinois law, robbery is defined as taking property from another with the use or threat of force. Actual violence does not have to occur in order for a defendant to be charged with robbery. Instead, the prosecution must prove that you intended to use force. 

Robbery is charged as a Class 2 felony offense, punishable by a prison sentence of three to seven years, in addition to fines, possible restitution, and court costs. Potential penalties increase when the charges are “aggravated,” such as when a victim is harmed or killed in the course of the robbery or a gun or other weapon is used to commit the crime.   

High-Quality Legal Representation for Robbery Charges


Gregory Walker is confident in and out of the courtroom and has the legal experience to back it up. As a former prosecutor for Cook County and for the Illinois Attorney General’s office, his legal experience extends to both sides of the aisle, prosecution and defense. He understands what the prosecution is looking for when they try to convict someone of robbery and will use that knowledge to help all clients of the Law Office of Gregory Walker fight their charges and protect their rights.

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